Heath Rowland



I have always built things; literally built things. After spending 13+ years in the construction industry, I somehow found a chance to work in the outdoor industry. I was offered a position with Rab USA as an in-house sales rep. This was vastly different from my other jobs; coal miner, welder, carpenter, millwright, electrician. It was there that I cut my teeth and learned how the business works. It was also there where I developed an opinion of how the business should work. I felt like a good agency should connect the community with their local retailers and coalitions.

Around the same time that I started working at Rab, I found a love for establishing traditional rock climbs with a ground up ethic. It was this love for development that would ultimately lead to starting this agency. Three years into my job with Rab I was offered the opportunity to work with SCARPA and that marks the beginning of Ground Up Sales. We soon began working with Petzl and that shored up the foundation of this group.

Building this agency has been one of the greatest projects I have ever worked on. It has been the most fun build yet.

Jared Leader



As far back as I can remember I have loved to play outside. At my core, it is what defines me and brings me joy. As a child being locked out of the house in the summers was not a pain like it was for other kids, it was liberating. My parents instilled a love of the outdoors in me from an early age and I have continued down that path. Growing up with 3 brothers we were constantly out climbing trees, hiking, and camping. As we got older climbing trees turned into climbing rocks and camping turned into backpacking. I really dove into climbing in 2011 and have not looked back since. Whether it was road trips to Yosemite or long month long expeditions to the desert, no matter what I always gravitated back towards the southeast. This led to me living in Chattanooga which offers a full variety outdoor activities just in my back yard. I met Ground Up Commander and Chief Heath Rowland in 2016 and have been beyond stoked to be a member of the Ground Up team since then.