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Tech Tip: Can you belay lefty with a GriGri?

Q - I'm left handed and have come up with my own way of belaying with the GRIGRI in lefty-mode. Someone at the gym told me that this is prohibited by Petzl and a dangerous way to belay. Does Petzl have a preferred method or is it against Petzl law? 

Grigri Lefty.png

A - Tech Tips + Rock climbing + Video: Specific left-handed technique

 Although it's not as fluid or comfortable as the normal belay technique, left handed users can adopt a method for belaying by switching their left hand to be the brake hand on the rope. Lowering techniques are the same as usual, but paying out slack with your left hand can be done by placing your index finger underneath the GRIGRI handle and pressing the cam with the thumb, leaving at least three fingers still on the brake end of the rope, while using the right hand to pay out slack.